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Full Truckload (FTL)

Our Full Truck Load shipping is for your one dedicated shipment.

Companies like yours choose our EMJB, INC. Full Truck Load shipping if they have large shipments that fill the full or almost the full trailer.

Also, it is your best option when delivering as quickly as possible is crucial. Why?

Because the route of our truck begins at the origin of your freight and ends at the final destination you’ve specified, without any additional stops for loading or unloading.

The goods stay in one EMJB, INC. trailer all the time.

Here at EMJB, INC., we ensure both the fast FTL delivery you demand and the cost savings you want.

With our reliability and safety, you get peace of mind once you entrust your FTL shipment to us at EMJB, INC.

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Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Our Less Than Truckload shipping is for your shipment that fills only a part of the trailer.

EMJB, INC. team combines several different shipments in a single trailer to offer the most cost effective LTL choice for you.

By selecting our LTL services, you also help to reduce the impact of transportation on the environment since less fuel is used to haul a number of shipments.

You may also save on warehousing expenses as you reduce the storage time.

Since the establishment of our company in 2010, we are continuously satisfying your LTL shipping needs across all 48 continental States.

We at EMJB, INC. mindfully coordinate your LTL shipment from start to finish. And we always treat your goods with the highest level of attention and respect.

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"I’ve been working there as an OTR Driver. And by far this is the best company I’ve worked. They know me by name, not a truck number. Pay is great. Looking forward to many more years to come."
Tiffany McDonald

"Good transportation partner; fair rates and reasonable service."
Jonathan White

"Quick, professional, and friendly. We look forward to booking our next load together."
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